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Dec 1, 2017

Part way through our photo session, Oscar, who was skip/running to get to our next spot, stopped and asked his mom ‘So, are these pictures really $100,000?’  I nearly dropped my camera.  I  joked about how nice that would be given that I have a kid in college, but it wasn’t, in fact, true.  Thea […]

Nov 29, 2017

I am a very fun person.  I’m married to Mr. Fun so clearly there must be some rubbing off on me.  I had no idea how exciting I was to work with though until I met Gunner.  He was practically jumping up and down when he saw me.  I think it’s because he knew that […]

Nov 28, 2017

Last week we finally got a chance to bring our new friend home.  All of this started in September when I realized that, with Jill going off to college, I was going to need to have something fun to look forward to after busy season.  So I though very hard about it and I gave […]

Nov 27, 2017

This is ANOTHER one of my school families.  I love it when I get a chance to photograph my school kids with their families.  I adore the old pictures I have with my parents and I think it is so important to capture that history.  Jake is only four but his brother Costello is 15. […]

Nov 26, 2017

Ciara is a maker of beautiful things.  Not only do she and Ryan make BEAUTIFUL babies, but she also knit the amazing sweaters that they are all wearing.  I am a crafty gal, but this is taking it to a whole different level! I have photographed Juniper and Hawthorne at their schools in the past. […]

Nov 15, 2017

I love it when I hear from new clients that they haven’t had their pictures taken in forever.  That sounds weird.  What I so appreciate is that they picked ME to break the pictureless streak.  It’s an honor that I take seriously!  Jennifer said that it had been five years since they’d had family pictures […]