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Sep 5, 2017

A few weeks ago I decided that we needed to have our own family pictures taken.  I didn’t have outfits, I didn’t have a photographer, but I DID have a vision and a friend with a tripod.  Most importantly I had willing participants!  (I also had the ability to run quickly after pressing the shutter […]

Jul 3, 2017

In the 17 years I’ve been a professional photographer I’ve heard a lot of things.  This was a new one for me though.  When photographing pets I make a variety of high pitched sounds and tempt them with all sorts of treats to get their attention.  Larson (the pup) was somewhat interested in what I […]

Jun 22, 2017

I have been photographing Ronan and Nora every year for their birthdays since before they were born.  (No joke, I rarely do maternity pictures but I did Kelli’s both times!)  I love that I get to see them twice a year and I feel so blessed that I have gotten to watch them grow up. […]

May 30, 2017

I have been photographing Zayn and Zara for a few years at their school.  I love getting to know the kids I photograph at schools but it is even MORE fun to get to know them and their parents all together.  At the school I get to have one on one conversations but at family […]

May 15, 2017

    I have been photographing this family since Evan (big brother) was just a newborn baby.  So many changes for this family!  When Elizabeth and Grayson were born I photographed them when they were sweet babies too, but under much different circumstances.  Sweet Grayson had a heart attack at just a few months old […]

May 3, 2017

Why?  Why do I wait until the end of the trip, every year, to take our annual pictures on spring break?  Because I like a challenge?  Because I’m lazy?  Yes and yes. The challenge is that the kids are often tired and cranky because they’ve had a LOT of fun in the pool and their […]