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Oct 4, 2017

At the end of September we dropped Jill off at her new home for the next nine months.  She started her freshman year at Western and drop off was honestly much easier than I thought it would be.  Jill is so organized that by the time we were taking her up to school she’d been […]

Sep 6, 2017

Today was the first day of school for my crew…kind of.  Technically it was the first day of school for our school district but since they started on a Wednesday the schedule was all wonky.  Kate’s bus left at 9:50, Ellie left for the High School at 11:20 (because only the freshmen are there at […]

Aug 25, 2017

Jill is a toughie.  She does not like to have money spent on her and she is exceedingly practical.  That is why I was not sure we would even HAVE a night out.  We have done a ton of dorm shopping and I thought that might have maxed out her shopping tolerance. Nope!  Turns out […]

Aug 21, 2017

It’s so nice that the girls now make their own ‘needs’ lists before we go shopping.  This means I often don’t know until the day of our adventure where we are going to go.  Turns out we went to almost the same places as Kate!  Despite going to five different stores we only managed to […]

Aug 18, 2017

We are at that time of year again.  Time for our annual tradition of going school shopping one on one with my girls.  Kate was on deck first. This girl has become my fashionista.  Gone are the days where I would have to set ground rules for wearing scummy clothes to school.  Now this girls […]

Jul 14, 2017

And now it is Mr. Fun’s turn.  (Oddly, that was NOT his nickname in Tijuana.  He was HGL which stood for Happy Go Lucky!) Wow! What an phenomenal trip! I went down thinking it was a chance to have some fun and share an experience with Jill and Ellie. That happened for sure but totally […]