Dec 20, 2017

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ The Gang’s All Here

A few years ago I photographed Mark’s extended family.  (His parents, brother, kids, etc.)  This year it was Carolyn’s turn.  I really enjoy sessions like this.  I love seeing grandparents and grandkids and siblings (big and small) and cousins all come together.  We even got to photograph Annie, a brand new puppy!  I did have to warn the crew that the ridiculous high pitched noise I was making was purely for the puppy’s benefit and not because I was having a mental breakdown.  How else was I going to get her to do that cute little head cock?!?

I have photographed Carolyn, Mark and the girls on this bridge before but it was August and there wasn’t nearly the beautiful color that there is now.  It is fun to see how much the girls have grown!  Here are my favorites of this fun family…