Dec 20, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ In The Beginning…

Way back in 2000 Leigh and I were good friends and neighbors.  We liked to do all sorts of things together and, apparently, that extended to having babies.  She had Miles and Beck in October 2000, and I had Ellie in February 2001.  At that time I was really starting to get into photography.  I did not have a business but I loved taking pictures and who can resist sweet little twin boys?!?  (I will never forget crawling around on the floor taking their baby pictures while I was nine months pregnant.  It makes me tired even thinking about it!)  Thinking back, Leigh was actually the photographer of JILL’S baby announcement way back in 1999.  So much history there!

When Leigh joined a PEPS (mom’s) group she offered to have me come to their meeting and photograph the babies.  That was the real first step for me in making this business that I am still running 17 years later.  Wow!

Fast forword to now and Leigh and I don’t see each other nearly as much (we’ve changed neighborhoods and she is working full time) but we both love our occasional coffee or wine dates to catch up.  I haven’t photographed these guys in years and years so I loved the opportunity to see them again!

Here are my favorites…

And one more with Gitta and Tony.  I love doing extended family pictures.  They are so important for your family history!