Jul 26, 2019

Back to Work

This is just the start of my busy season and I will be spending a lot of time at my desk until the end of the year. Good thing they have finished the basement enough that I could move Mr. Fun out of my space. Not only is he loud but his bobble heads ruin the vibe I going for. Ha!

Lets start with the before pictures. Not many to share. This was set up as a dining room. You get to really revel in the light blue walls and almond trim that took over the whole house when be bought it!

I love my new space. I gave my beloved green desk to Kate because she has never had room for one in her bedroom and in this house her bedroom is HUGE! (Those are the perks of being the only kid left living at home.) So I was in need of a desk. I’ve had my eye on the desks from Ballard Designs for years. I love that you can pick just the components you want so it’s custom to you. (For example, I needed a corner desk that had lots of little drawers instead of file drawers. Check and check!)

I also like to have a comfy spot to sit when I have company. I almost never have clients to my home, but my family will come in an chat while I’m editing photos sometimes. I love that!

One thing my old office did not handle well was my packaging workflow. During busy season I will be collecting product (canvases, books, prints, etc.) for many different clients and I need room to keep them safe and organized. I also need room to wrap them up and make them pretty! So happy that I now get to use our old dining table. (Actually, we are all grateful that we found a space for that table because there are so many happy memories spent at that table that there is no way we would get rid of it!)

As you can see I also have a massive armoire that holds all of my packaging supplies. So handy but nice to be able to close the door on them. Also, Poppy adores her crate and the only home we could find for it was in my office. So I guess this is her room too!

My office is right off the front hallway so I’m wrapping that into this post too. Seems like there would not be much to say, but we did some big things. There was a very large mirror built into the wall on the garage side of the hall. We had that taken out and replaced with drywall. I have always wanted a gallery wall where I could have very large pictures lining the hall. (Didn’t have a wall long enough in either of my last two houses.) This was the perfect spot.

The other major thing we did was we closed in my office walls. Originally there were columns with odd spaces and a larger opening. We closed in the columns and made the opening a bit smaller so we could add large barn doors. I got the upstairs office because I am way neater than Mr. Fun. That being said, during busy season, it is nice to have doors to close off any mess. (This came in handy when Mr. Fun and I were sharing a space. Yikes!)

The doors also come in handy when somebody comes to the door and the dogs get all excited. We have them go into the office and then we close the barn doors to greet our guests. Unfortunately Cooper is smarter than we give him credit for. He quickly figured out how to use his nose to slide the doors open. This is the view we often see…

I will eventually share the basement and the new deck but they are still under construction (sigh) so it may be a while.