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Aug 14, 2019

In 2018 the Issaquah High School track team won the state championship. Jasper was an alternate for the team which means he had to practice with the team and be ready to go at a moments notice (i.e. even a minute before the race’s start) if anybody got hurt or sick before their race. That’s […]

Aug 9, 2019

I originally met Natalie when she was on my daughter, Ellie’s, soccer team. I was lucky enough to photograph her older brother and sister’s senior photos so I was thrilled when her mom called to schedule. Natalie’s main request was she wanted to be near water. I knew just the place. The Wooden Boat Center […]

Aug 2, 2019

I know Ryan’s mom (Hi Tami!) and I photographed his brother’s senior photos but I’d never met Ryan. We started by taking pictures of him and his car (Ryan and his brother and Dad are huge car fanatics!) and he was somewhat serious about it because we were asking him to drive his beautiful car […]

Aug 1, 2019

Life has been crazy this year between moving twice and remodeling so I have given myself a slow start on photos. All of that is done now and it’s time to jump in and get this busy season started. As often happens after I’ve had a break from taking photos I had a crisis of […]

Dec 20, 2018

This year’s holiday card must have hit just the right nerve because we sure did receive a lot of texts about it!  The final card was actually our second attempt at our holiday card.  It was hard to come up with a good theme for the card based on a season that was good…but underwhelming. […]

Dec 12, 2018

I am accustomed to hearing Dad’s say, with no small amount of surprise in their voice, ‘Hey this was fun!’  This was the first time I’ve had a pre-teen girl.  Anya told me she thought for sure this session was going to be boring but it was really fun.  High praise!  I’ll take it.  (It […]