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I can’t quite believe we were able to get this one to work!  When Alysa reached out to me just before Thanksgiving I thought I’d basically finished my shooting season for the year. Many of my clients want to use their pictures for holiday cards and if I don’t do their photo sessions before Thanksgiving […]

Suncadia Family Photographer ~ Taylor Boys

When Erin reached out to inquire about a December family session I had to think twice. It’s HARD to get all my adultish kids together so I truly value ALL the hours I get with them. That means I have to be really motivated to give up even ONE of them to do a photo […]

Suncadia Family Photographer ~ Hardie Family

As most of you know, we always do an unorthodox Husky card as our holiday card. We have lived through MANY years of finding a nice way to say ‘we suck’ so that makes this year all the sweeter! Without further ado…our holiday card! Our card went out later than normal because we had to […]

Issaquah Family Photographer – Happy Huskies

I met a brand new family last week and it was the best way to finish up my fall season! Danielle and Charlie brought their furry friends for a fun photo session. Danielle was hoping for just one perfect photo for a holiday card but I think we got much more than that! Danielle and […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ The Pups

Usually coordinating outfits for a family is hard.  An extra level of difficulty is when there are multiple households.  Then add in the fact that it’s all adults with opinions of their own.  (As opposed to a Mama buying matching outfits for all the kids…still hard but more control there!). Diane said they all just […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Diane and Roger

This is one busy family. It took us a couple tries to get a photo session scheduled and when Sarah explained how many teams her boys are on my jaw dropped. SIX! They literally use a spreadsheet to keep track of where everybody needs to be on the weekends. They are super close to having […]

Bellevue Family Photographer ~ BUSY!