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The last time I did headshots for Arden was last spring with my iPhone. She needed a few quick pictures for a work project so I put her in front of her garage door and used my phone. They were cute, but I owed her something much better! I love that she brought along a […]

Issaquah Headshot Photographer ~ Arden

The other day I had Joelle over to decorate cookies for Swedish Hospital. And like every good chef knows you should definitely wear a nice black shirt when you are working with powdered sugar. Right?! Okay, okay…I actually had her dress nicely because I wanted to test out a few headshot poses. And because my […]

Seattle Headshot Photographer ~ Joelle

Ellie and I had big plans to check out some of the murals in downtown Seattle before she want home to Boise. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) we had a lot of snow…and we got lazy. It wasn’t until Ellie’s friend Jessica called and asked if Ellie would like to go downtown to […]

Seattle Headshot Photographer ~ Ellie

It feels like I haven’t seen Jessica in years. Of course that’s not true but she’s been so busy with school that that Ellie and Jessica don’t see each other much. That’s why I was excited when Jessica asked Ellie to go downtown (Seattle) to take a few picture. I wasn’t really invited initially but […]

Seattle Headshot Photographer ~ Jessica

Last November I found out that Allen was going to be honored with Volunteer of the Year for our community. He’s been volunteering for years on different committees but with his travel schedule truncated by the pandemic he really stepped it up. It was such a great honor for him to be recognized for all […]

Seattle Headshot Photographer ~ A Sneaky Session

Bradley graduated from college in the middle of a pandemic. How do you even begin to find a job when you are stuck at home? I can’t even imagine where you would start!! Bradley’s mom, Molly, had a great idea. She decided it was time to update his headshots. Senior pictures were quite a few […]

Seattle Headshot Photographer ~ Bradley