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Most of the photo sessions I have done for Nicole and her family have been at her beautiful house. We’ve been inside, we’ve been in the front, we’ve been in the back. So pretty! But, I like to mix things up if possible. When I realized that I might be in Sun Valley at the […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Vacation Fun

I normally photograph Ellie at her school every year. She is one of my easiest kids because she is so smiley and eager to please! Unfortunately I am probably not going to be taking pictures at any school this year. Ugh! I’m going to miss all my kids! I am so thankful that Natasha had […]

Seattle Family Photography ~ The new school pictures

Pandemics are hard on everybody. I’ve talked to a lot of my seniors about how their sports have been impacted and what that has done to their college applications. Vanessa is on the leadership team. She is the ASB Vice President at her school. It is MOST definitely a lot harder to lead your fellow […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Vanessa

Earlier this year we had new neighbors move in two door down. Such a hard time to move because we were all quarantined and locked down. When we finally started coming out of our houses for some socially distanced driveway happy hours we got to meet Robert and Asa but generally the teenagers wanted no […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Hampas

At this point in the pandemic we all need something to look forward to, right? Why not the holiday season?! Come on, you can tell me. How many of you have put your Christmas trees already? I’m not one of them. My family won’t even let me put out my pumpkin stuff until Labor Day. […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Merry Merry

I missed this family! Normally I meet Tejal and her family in the spring but everything was shut down and there was no way to meet. Boo! Turns out we were both busy with the same sort of fun…a pandemic puppy! Don’t let Jackson’s size fool you. He is 40 pounds of fun and he […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Pandemic Puppy