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Nov 28, 2017

Last week we finally got a chance to bring our new friend home.  All of this started in September when I realized that, with Jill going off to college, I was going to need to have something fun to look forward to after busy season.  So I though very hard about it and I gave […]

Oct 27, 2016

  When Lori and I scheduled their session I suggested we use my studio in Pioneer Square because the weather can be iffy in late October.  I had no idea that Tim’s office was moving in just blocks from my studio just a few weeks before our session.  The weather was spectacular so we were really […]

Dec 3, 2015

Lucille and Emily are so close.  I have been photographing these lovelies for years now and I just love how great they are together.  Of course they are mother and daughter but they must be very good friends too.  The ease with which they snuggle into each other’s arms is impressive and makes me a […]

Nov 30, 2015

When I heard that Tiffany was bringing her mom to this session I was thrilled.  This year, more than any, has made me acutely aware of how priceless generational picture are.  Pictures with parents, pictures with grandparents, we just can’t have enough pictures with those we love! I haven’t seen these girlies for a couple […]

Nov 25, 2015

And now, the award for the best gigglers goes to….Ronan and Nora!  Seriously, year after year they come to see me (actually TWICE a year!) and they giggle and goof their way through our session.  I know their Mama Kelli thinks I have great patience but I don’t…really!  These kids are so natural and I just […]

Nov 19, 2015

When Marisa brought her girlies to see me she let them bring one lovey each.  One of their favorite things.  Bianca brought along her stuffed lion Lulu.  Stuffies are a favorite in my house too so there was no surprise there.  Miss Francesca brought along something different all together.  She brought her favorite…disguise? There was […]