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Daniel is the starting quarterback for his high school football team.  He’s got some colleges that are recruiting him to come play for them next year, and that is really exciting!  But how does he show them what he can do when he might not have a season?  And how can he see what those […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Daniel

I think I have known Josh since he was in preschool! Can I still call him cute? No, that’s probably embarrassing. But his blue eyes, and his curls and his sweet disposition…maybe we can just go with adorable? Ok…I’ll stop. He is seriously such a great kid. I was thrilled when Lynn called to schedule […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Josh

Pre-Covid times I used to have seniors drive with me in my car so I had more chat time with them. Not only do I love hearing about their plans I find that it relaxes them and helps me get better expressions. Now a days seniors either have to drive themselves or have a chauffer. […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Charlie D.

Charlie comes across as a pretty serious guy. He does not give his grins away easily but I was amazed at his willingness to work with me. Sit here and do that and squat in that grass. God bless him he did it all! I also loved chatting with him. You can tell how smart […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Charlie

I love this kid. Trevor is the brother of my daughter’s boyfriend and those two have been together for forever. That means we have been lucky enough to spend plenty of holidays and family time together. I’m honored that I got to take his senior pictures. Because of COVID many kids are going to be […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Man of Many Interests

It has been years since I have photographed this family. The last time the girls were so small. There have been so many changes over the years…not only with the girls but with the park that I last photographed them at. So I took them back there! (Of course if you are a regular reader […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Georgetown!