Nov 10, 2019

Last Best Day

Last week we made the difficult decision to have Cooper put to sleep. (I hate euthanized so I won’t use it!) Making that decision is simply the worst. We based our decision on a LOT of different factors. Including the fact that he had a belly full of cancer, was quickly going down hill in many different respects, and there was a very real possibility of him collapsing. I know in my heart that we had gotten 13 great years with him (actually 12 since he was rescued when he was one) and that it was my responsibility to be his voice, but it was hard when he could still enjoy a lot of life.

Then again, why wait until he was at his worst? From what I read, the ultimate time to put our pets to sleep is before they suffer but nobody can ever do that. We just don’t always know! The next best thing we thought was to give Cooper one last Best Day. So that is what we did.

We took him to Marymoor and let him swim to his hearts content. Then we let him walk around the park and THEN we let him swim again. That NEVER happens! He got full body rubs, treats, steak for dinner, and lots of love. He enjoyed every minute!

If there is a silver lining in all of this it’s that the girls were all out of town together this weekend so they had some good distraction. Poppy sure was missing her furry brother but Allen and I took HER out of town with us and she perked right up. Distraction was key and helped give us all a little perspective.

We will miss that goofy boy for sure but we know he is much more comfortable where he is and I like to think he is hanging out with my Dad on a beach or boat somewhere. (That dog sure loved water!)