Jul 22, 2019

Master of our Domain

Ha! Some of you will get the reference in my blog title. Just couldn’t resist. I have not forgotten about sharing the rest of the house! I just have to wait until we get little details finished. Today I’m sharing the Master bedroom and bath.

These rooms, by far, had the most mold. I tested the house before we started with these. (Yes I know that this testing method isn’t perfect. I chose it because I really just needed to see that our remediation was working.) . We knew there was mold in the crawl space before we bought the house…it was in previous inspection reports. We didn’t realize how bad it was though! Anything above 11 on the test is cause for concern. The basement was at 16. (We knew there was a window down there that was rotten and moldy so no surprise there either.) . The main floor was 66. Eek! We had no idea there was mold there but we eventually found it around a window and we removed that too. The real winner, though, was the master bathroom. It came back as ‘TNTC’. I had to look up what that meant. ‘TOO NUMEROUS TO COUNT’ . Definitely not good! I felt so bad from my exposure in the house that I had to physically stay away for a few weeks while it was remediated and the air cleared. All of this mold stemmed from a roof leak that ran down the side wall of the house and caused mold on each floor. We fixed the roof in the first week we had the house and then worked our way through all of the floors. It was a big job and a little scary since it’s hard to know if you have gotten it all. I retested the house right before I moved in and each floor had results in the safe zone. Whew!

Back to the fun stuff. Let’s start with the before pictures…

In the bedroom the major change was to the flooring and adding a shiplap wall. Because of my allergies I can’t have a padded headboard so the shiplap seemed like a nice, modern, way to make that wall special!

This is by far the biggest bedroom/bathroom combo we’ve ever had. So. Much. Room. Too much if you ask us but we will suffer through, Ha!

As for the bathroom we removed a two way fireplace, a huge tub and surround, enlarged the shower and updated the vanity. I love how the oversized subway tile look with the contrasting black grout. It goes so well with the black faucets and finishes. And speaking of faucets, take a peek at the faucet we got for the freestanding tub. It has a hand held sprayer! So cool if you want to rinse off or do your hair in the tub.

One more note about the shower…I specifically requested a bench and a half wall because I hate seeing shampoo bottles. In our last house there we could not see the bottles from the rest of the bathroom and I loved that. I knew this bathroom would be more of a challenge because we were going to have so much glass in the surround. That’s why I had them do a half wall between the shower and tub. Now all the bottles are tucked away out of sight!

For the vanity we decided to keep the cabinets that were there and just repaint them. They were in great shape and were ahead of their time by having drawers under the sink doors. So much more useful! We used quartz remnants for our upstairs bathrooms. This was an economical way to go and works well if you aren’t too particular about the exact ‘flavor’ of quartz. We knew we wanted something whiteish. We got lucky and both bathrooms match but that wasn’t a requirement.

Two other great things about this space are the view and the closets. We adore the view from up here. We are up high enough that we see the very tops of the trees. It’s so bright! And there are so many birds chirping right outside our windows! And yes, you read that right. ClosetS! As in two. Mr Fun and I have always been fine sharing a closet but since there were alredy two we weren’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. (What does that phrase even MEAN?!?) . Now I can leave my shoes on the floor and he can throw his sweat pants on the floor and we won’t bug eachother at all! It’s the little things…

Sources: Bedside tables- antiques | Bedside tables – Target | Wooden bed frame – Amazon | Curtains and rods – Ikea | Pillows – handmade | Dresser – Restoration Hardware Outlet | Bench – Cost Plus but I added a cushion top to it | Star – Gift, sorry! | Tubside table – Target | Vanity mirrors – Ikea | Tissue holder – Amazon | Bathroom Rug – Rugs USA