Aug 25, 2017

Seatle Family Photography ~ Jill’s Night

Jill is a toughie.  She does not like to have money spent on her and she is exceedingly practical.  That is why I was not sure we would even HAVE a night out.  We have done a ton of dorm shopping and I thought that might have maxed out her shopping tolerance.

Nope!  Turns out she was the most successful shopper of all of them!  Five shirts, 10 pairs of underwear (less laundry that way) and a sweatshirt.  Pretty awesome.

Because this girl loves a good ritual and hates make up we went old school with her ‘treat’ for the night.  She wanted a keychain for her dorm keys.  We used to get keychains on their shopping nights at Claire’s so we checked there first.  Definitely too fluffy and girly there but good for some laughs.  We found this AMAZING BFF hand sanitizer that seemed to be made for Jill but she was too practical to pull the trigger.  (I really think Colin would have enjoyed it though.  HA!)  Instead we found a mini Swiss Army keychain that has seven tools in one small package.  Perfect!  This kid can file her nails, turn a loose screw, pick seeds out of her teeth, cut a tag off her clothes, pull a splinter out of her thumb, cut a branch off a tree…oh, and hold her keys.  Doesn’t get much more practical than that!

At dinner we chatted about all sorts of things but of course she had to answer my questions:

What are you most looking forward to?  ‘Not having my parents signing the syllabi for my classes.  I am responsible for myself and it’s crazy that we had to do that in high school!’

What are you most worried about? ‘Everything else!’

We had a good laugh about that answer but of course it is the unknown that is the scariest for her and everything is unknown at this point!

Jill leaves for school at the end of September and we just know she is ready.  It’s going to be a great year of all sorts of firsts for this kid and she will pass with flying colors!  Can’t wait to see her adventures.