Nov 29, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer~ Beyond Excited

I am a very fun person.  I’m married to Mr. Fun so clearly there must be some rubbing off on me.  I had no idea how exciting I was to work with though until I met Gunner.  He was practically jumping up and down when he saw me.  I think it’s because he knew that I had something special for him if he was a good listener.  Gunner couldn’t contain his excitement when I gave him posing suggestions and when he wasn’t in the pictures he was such a goof and was either making funny faces for everybody else or he photobombed them.  Ah the life of a three year old!

Gunner’s human family was pretty fun too!  Nick was great at the full body hug to help Gunner ‘stay’ and Dan and Christy came prepared.  Gunner is a big fan of cheese so I had a pocketful to incentivize him.  I loved his energy and think he brought  lot of fun to our photo sessions.

Here are my favorite pictures of Gunner and his family…