Seattle Family Photographer ~ Baby Got Back

Just after Christmas I saw one of my favorite families.  They had just welcomed sweet baby Charlotte into the world and they wanted some newborn pictures of her.  Caroline joked that Caroline looks so much like her older sister Elina that they could have just put up some of HER newborn pictures.  Ha!  They really do look alike!

While baby Charlotte was getting changed Elina and her little brother Nathaniel were jumping on the bed.  Nathaniel was a bit hard to understand because he is just two.  He kept talking about shaking his butt.  When I really listened to what he was saying a light bulb went off in my head.  I looked over at Caroline and asked ‘Is he singing Baby Got Back?!?’  Caroline nodded with an embarrassed grin on her face.  If I didn’t love this family before I sure did NOW!  Hilarious!

Miss Charlotte is a third baby so she typically is a good sleeper and is great at hanging out in the family hub bub.  As often happens on picture day, she was WIDE awake.  I wonder if it was too quiet after we sent Alex off to Starbucks with Elina and Nathaniel?  I wonder if she should have had some Sir Mix A Lot playing the background to make her feel at home?

No matter!  We got some very cute pictures of this sweet girl.  Here are my favorites…