Nov 30, 2018

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Big Changes


I have not seen Sonja and Blake for about three years.  They are now in 10th grade and 7th grade.  I seriously would not recognize them.  They have grown up so much!

Sonja was happy to have her picture taken.  She is comfortable in her skin and is happy in front of a camera.  She even knew what I was going for when I put her on a rock.  ‘Oh, I’m going to be backlit!’  I love it!  After looking at that picture on my camera she declare ‘That’s Instagram worthy!’  I agree.

Blake, on the other hand, is at the age where he is just growing into himself.  He is kind of uncomfortable in front of the camera and was trying hard to give me just what I was looking for.  That’s not his job, though.  It’s MY job to make him comfortable and help him loosen up.  Between his sister and I, I think we did it!  (When I see natural smiles from kids like this it totally makes my day!)

Here are my favorites from this mini session…