Mar 26, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ We Called an Audible…TWICE!

Ellie turned 18 back in February.  On that day not only did she become an adult, but she was diagnosed with Influenza A.  That put a full stop to our party plans.  I put everything in the freezer and waited for Ellie and Jessica to sync up their busy working schedules.  We FINALLY got a chance to celebrate Ellie yesterday.

The plan was to go bowling.  The girls hadn’t gone in a long time and we were all excited.  Since we were going on a Monday night I didn’t make a reservation for a lane.  When we arrived at Lucky Strike we were turned away because all the lanes were being used for Ladies Night.  Huh?  Fine.  We are flexible.  We hopped back in the car and drove up to Kirkland to Tech City Bowl.  Easy Peasy.  When we arrived THERE we were told we could only bowl for 20 minutes because it was league night.  Come on!  Thwarted at every turn.

Ellie was such a trooper.  She was perfectly happy to pivot (shout out to Friends!) and go with dinner and a movie instead.  That was all well and good but my treats were all based on the bowling theme.  So I made Ellie and Jessica stand inside while Kate and I quickly set up the treats in the parking lot of the bowling alley…in the back of my car.  By God they were going to see my set up!  (Yes, I know I am ridiculous!)

We went to dinner at the Sugar Factory.  We’d never been there but I’d heard that they had fun drinks and chicken strips.  Both fit the criteria for Ellie.

We were so full from dinner that we never ate the mini bundt cakes but we had plenty of movie snacks to go see Five Feet Apart.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it!  (And now we have dessert for tonight too!)

Well it didn’t happen how we’d planned it but we rolled with the punches and had a good time celebrating our girl!