Dec 31, 2018

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Christmas Crazy




Our Christmas break this year was nuts.  Not only are we packing to move shortly after New Year’s but we ended up taking three separate trips (two small and one BIG) between Christmas and New Years.

Our first stop was Silverdale where we spent a lovely couple of days with Allen’s family.  It was such a treat to finally get to slow down and sit and enjoy each other!  We took our traditional Christmas Tree picture.  Honest, there is a really great tree back there!

Christmas Day was relaxing.  Two of us (cough…Kate and Ellie) never got out of their pajamas!  This year Allen and I started a new tradition with the girls.  We inserted a $100 bill into a maze box for each of them.  They had to complete the maze in order to get the money out.  This is something my parents used to do with us too.  It was fun to see them dreaming about their shopping sprees!

Kate got plenty of cozy for Christmas and even though Poppy was really hoping for a kitty for Christmas, she really got some bones instead.

Allen and I always decide, ahead of time, on a gift we will give each other for Christmas.  We look at what needs to be done or replaced and usually pick that.  When Allen wrapped up this tile (we don’t even usually put anything under the tree so this was a surprise) we were just giving each other a new master bathroom.  By the time we opened gifts, though, it had morphed into a whole new house!  Magic!

We had plenty of treats too.  Happy Birthday Jesus!

We left early on the 26th and made a quick stop at home for new clothes and food and headed up to Suncadia with my side of the family.  There was plenty of snow and lots of fun.  (Good thing we got our relaxing done early so we could rest up for it!)

There was ice skating, laser tag, puppy play time and MORE snacks.  Basically our whole week was a snackapalooza!


Stay tuned for our third holiday adventure…the Rose Bowl!