Dec 2, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Diagon Alley

I love my clients!  Remember these guys?  A few days after I took their family pictures Jon started on an epic project.  He’d left his job and he had a bit of time on his hands.  Since his girls were really into Harry Potter he decided to turn his driveway into Diagon Alley.  When neighbors and friends heard about his project they jumped in too!  More than 50 volunteers helped pull it all together.

Not only did local media pick up on it but Time Magazine, The Huffington Post and the Today Show have all posted  stories.  How crazy is that?!?  Jennifer said the attention has been totally surprising and totally overwhelming.  People are talking about in on Twitter in Germany and somebody flew in from Australia to visit.  (And there is rumored to have been an engagement in the alley!)

There are six stores, a Leaky Cauldron and Gringots Bank complete with a dragon on top.  (The dragon was made in California and shipped to the roof of the bank!)  The details are amazing.  Snitches, hand drawn shop windows, lanterns, potions.  It’s all so great!

Diagon Alley first opened on Halloween and thousands of people have been through since then.  They are asking for donations that will go towards finding a cure for Pancreatic cancer and have raised thousands of dollars. It will be open through Christmas.  This weekend they have Dumbledore in for some pictures with the visitors.

After Christmas most of Diagon Alley will go to Camp Cory.  This is a camp for families dealing with serious medical issues and/or childhood illness.  So the fun will live on!

Being a HUGE Harry Potter fan I wanted to make sure this family had some pictures of them in their amazing creation.  Here are a few of the pictures I captured…

Diagon Alley Ballard Christmas