Jun 7, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ The Early Years

I have had a great time going through all of our old pictures.  Way back at the beginning of our family we did not have a digital camera.  Yup, we are THAT old!  We have actual paper to show for all those adventures.  How cool is that?!

I am not going to bore you with most of those pictures and, lets just say that my photo skills were not so great back then.  Not only did I not know anything about lighting or how my camera works (some might say the same about me today!)  but I also had to scan all of these pictures so the contrast is wonky.  It doesn’t matter to me though because I sure do love the subject matter!

I picked out just a few of my favorites.  They range in date from 1999-2007.



Stay tuned for the next blog post when we cover the Middle Years!