Apr 8, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer – In Our Ears

It’s time for the annual Pal Springs playlist.  Usually I just post a list of the songs we picked so I can have them for my blog book.  (So we can look back and laugh at our taste in music many years from now.)

This year, though, we can actually enjoy the tunes too if you have Spotify.  We are finally getting with the program and we are putting our lists on Spotify so we don’t have to make cd’s anymore.  Many new cars and computers don’t play them anymore so we needed another option.  If you would like to find me, look for ‘enebofamily’.  We only have two playlists out there right now but we are working on putting some of the old lists out there and there will be plenty more in the future!

Here is the list of this year’s songs…

  1. Lookin’ Up- BarenKed Ladies
  2. Ordinary Day – Great Big Sea
  3. What a Friend – Matt Maher
  4. Adderall – Max Frost
  5. Shotgun – George Ezra
  6. All Together Now – The Likes of Us
  7. Kiss With a Fist – Florence and the Machine
  8. Dear Me – Eric Hutchinson
  9. Firefly – East Love
  10. Bud Like You – AJR
  11. Oranges- Lawrence
  12. My Way – Mike Mains
  13. American Love – Smallpools
  14. A Friend Like You – Andy Grammer
  15. Oh! – Eric Hutchinson
  16. My Feet Are on the Rock – I Am They
  17. Someday, Someway – Marshall Crenshaw
  18. 1,2,3,4 – Alan Doyle
  19. Achey Bones- The Happy Fits
  20. Hey Juliet – Tufts Beelzebubs
  21. Not Your Way – MisterWives
  22. Everything is Possible Now- Clouds and Thorns
  23. Lifer- MercyMe
  24. One Last Drink- Enter the Haggis

Enjoy the tunes.  If you have any suggestions for us we’d love to hear them for our next playlist!