Apr 22, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Finally the Pretty!

It feels like the walls have been open in the new house for so long. We’ve finally finished the electrical, plumbing, mold remediation and now drywall. Whew! None of that stuff is any fun, but all necessary!

Now the pretty stuff is FINALLY going in. Patience is not my strong suit so the wait has been killing me. In the last 10 days we have been seeing big changes. The hardwood floors were installed on the main floor. Be still my heart! Love the wide planks and love the color! Of course they are all covered up now but I got a taste of them and hopefully that will tide me over for awhile.

While the floors were going in downstairs the guys were installing shiplap in our master bedroom. I had to get rid of my padded headboard for allergy reasons and I though shiplap would be an excellent replacement. It looks great!

After the floors were completed our kitchen cabinets arrived. I am surprised at how much cabinet space I have! It’s one thing to see it on paper but completely different to see it in person. Wow! I’m going to need to do some shopping to fill them all up.

What is happening now? Tiling and mill work. The master bathroom now has a floor and so does the master shower. I’m looking forward to running down to the house this afternoon to see if we have shower walls. I’m really enjoying seeing all this stuff that I picked out months ago finally come out of the boxes. Sure is pretty!