Feb 27, 2018

Seattle Family Photographer ~ The Greatest Showman

When I pick a theme for a birthday party for the girls I try to pick something they are really loving at that time.  Hands down, right now it is musicals.  Specifically The Greatest Showman.  We have all seen it multiple times (okay, maybe not Allen).  At least three times each in the theater.  It is THAT good!  Honestly, if you haven’t seen it yet you need to hustle down and see it.  (Don’t be surprised if the theater is still crowded 9 weeks after it opened.)  Then you need to buy the soundtrack and listen to it on an endless loop!

Since the girls are getting older we don’t go as crazy with the parties but it’s fun to come up with a few surprises.  I had all sorts of circus snacks waiting for the crew when they arrived.  Real peanuts, Barnum animal crackers (boo that you can’t find the circus train boxes anymore), popcorn in a top hat and those orange marshmallow circus peanuts that were all the rage when we were little.  (They are truly disgusting.  Aubrey was right when she said ‘I feel like they will still find this in my body when I die!)  I used those iced circus cookies for the cupcakes toppers and they were a big hit too.  

Of course I had to have some clown noses for fun (and photo opportunities).  As far as the table goes, I went pretty simple and used this cute big top cupcake stand I found on Amazon as the centerpiece and a red striped tablecloth that I used as a runner.  I also made a fun little trapeze artists to swing between the dining table lights.

We had Ellie invite her friends over early because the scavenger hunt had some specific timing to it.  Allen did a great job running with our theme.  Here are some of the questions:

CLUE #1 – For your first clue, you will need to find a smaller version of the ‘Big Top’ that is used every summer by families.  PT Barnum brilliantly used a gigantic one of these for his traveling show.  (The clue was hidden in our tent in the garage.)

CLUE #3 – Keeping with the circus theme, your next clue can be found where these common elephant snacks are appetizers for all patrons…it also just happens to be Ellie’s favorite Issaquah eatery.  (The clue was hidden at 5 Guys in the peanut boxes.)

Clue #7 – This clue is sad and enlightening at the same time.  PT Barnum’s life was changed after this one tragic event.  Your next clue can be found at the location where these hero’s stay and then prevent such events.  (This clue was hidden at the firestation.)


For the first time in Enebo Scavenger Hunt history we had a clue disappear.  Allen had hidden a clue at a local park.  When the girls went to look for it, it was gone.  Good thing Allen was there to tell them it was missing or they might have looked for a long time!  They did eventually find the clue crumpled up in the garbage.  Good to see that the thief was not also a litterbug.

At the end of the hunt the girls found their prize.  It was tickets to see that night’s showing of The Greatest Showman!  They were all thrilled.  (Particularly Aubrey who had not seen the movie!)  They took so long with the hunt that they had to eat a quick dinner and set off for the theater.  After the movie they continued their musical fun and all crowded on the couch to watch Mama Mia.

Because we love to up the level of difficulty and we like to embarrass our pups we tried to get pictures of them getting into the theme of the party.  Clearly Poppy did not get the memo from Cooper about how to be a good muse for me.  Every time we tried to get that clown nose on her nose she would open her jaw and take a bite!

Sounds like this party was a big (top) success!