Dec 12, 2018

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Hey, this was fun!

I am accustomed to hearing Dad’s say, with no small amount of surprise in their voice, ‘Hey this was fun!’  This was the first time I’ve had a pre-teen girl.  Anya told me she thought for sure this session was going to be boring but it was really fun.  High praise!  I’ll take it.  (It helps that we started the session with jumping pictures because both girls were cold!)

I usually take school pictures of these girls but I missed them this fall because they have changed schools.  Boy am I glad their mom Anita tracked me down to keep up her annual pictures.  Since I’ve only ever done these girls individually I loved getting a chance to see them together.  An Mom just wanted me to capture them as they are, having fun together.  Love that direction!

Here are my favorites…