Dec 1, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer~ An Investment

Part way through our photo session, Oscar, who was skip/running to get to our next spot, stopped and asked his mom ‘So, are these pictures really $100,000?’  I nearly dropped my camera.  I  joked about how nice that would be given that I have a kid in college, but it wasn’t, in fact, true.  Thea quickly jumped in and said that they were making an investment in great family pictures because they hadn’t had any.

I loved hearing that!  Pictures are worth the investment because this is something that captures your family right as they are now and will be handed down through the generations to share this history.  Will you do that with a big screen tv?  Will you do that with a car?  Not likely!  What is the first thing that most people grab from their house (besides people and pets) in a fire?  That’s right, it’s pictures!  Because they are irreplaceable.

I’m rambling here.  I can, unequivocally say that Thea and Jeff will not be paying $100,000 for their family pictures…not even close.  But they WILL bet getting something priceless!

Here are my favorites…