Oct 18, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Jack


Jack is my very last senior for the year.  I’m going to miss hanging out with all of these great young people!

I always inquire about their plans after high school, careful not to say ‘What college do you want to go to?’ because they do not all want to go.  Jack is the perfect example of having a plan to follow his passion that is less traditional than most in our area.  But no less exciting that’s for sure!

He is currently getting technical college credit while doing traditional high school for half the day and working on cars through a special program at Bellevue High School for the other part of the day.  After this year he plans to do an internship with Porche.  At the end of that he will be certified to work on cars, have even more credit and will likely be offered a job.  His next move will be to go down to Cal Poly where he can build and race cars while getting a degree.  (His Dad went to Cal Poly!)

His plan is so well thought out and it’s fantastic that he gets to do and study what he is most passionate about!

We had some fun taking pictures with his car and all around the neighborhood.  Here are my favorites…

Because it was a crazy busy day for everybody we couldn’t get the whole family together. BUT, I could get a picture of a boy and his mother.  Thanks for playing along Tami!