Mar 11, 2018

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Kate

“I love taking my birthday pictures!  It makes me feels so special.”

I had no idea.  I started officially taking pictures of my girls for their birthdays at least 10 years ago.  Taking them off for their own photo session.  I always thought I was doing this for me.  And that THEY were doing this for me too.  I had no idea this was how Kate felt.  (Or her sisters for that matter!)  I’m so glad we have this tradition!

Miss Kate has always been a thinker.  This girl thinks about things in ways I never considered.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been shocked about her insights about herself and other people.  I am NOT a very emotional person (oh sure, I’ve turned into a crier since I’ve had kids but who hasn’t?!?)  so when Kate shares these insights I am always impressed with her level of maturity and it makes me want to slow down and think some of these deep thoughts too.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s definitely a normal teenager.  On one hand she is a deep thinker and on the other hand she has no problem holing up in her crazy messy room that stresses me out every time I walk by!  This girl pulls all her own paperwork and keeps us apprised of her work schedule but still needs a hug and a kiss before she leaves the house or goes to bed.  I love her so much for all of her contradictions!

Happy Birthday Kid!

One more picture of Kate’s special request.  She loves these pups so much!