Sep 2, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Kate’s Date

Last week we finally got a chance to do Kate’s school shopping. Where has the summer gone? I guess that is what happens when you work, you move and your sister goes off to college. Time disappears!

We hit the mall and basically bought all of her necessities (Is a bathrobe a school necessity? It is if you want to be cozy when you study!) in two stores that were right next to each other. That left us plenty of time to have a nice leisurely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Kate had answers all ready for my standard questions..

What are you most looking forward to? Kate is looking forward to her Sports Medicine class and seeing her friends again.

What are you most worried about? She is worried that her classes won’t challenge her enough. (Yeah, that was never something I EVER worried about in high school. Smarty pants!)

It’s going to be a strange year for us. She is going to be the only kid left home and I think she was more upset about Ellie moving out than WE were. We got this kid. It’s going to be a good year!