Mar 11, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ I Look Fly as Hell

I’ll be honest. I was not sure about this outfit when I first saw it. But Kate assured me that this was THE in thing. Since nobody has ever accused me of being in the height of teen fashion (even when I WAS a teen) I was all in. The thing that was the absolute best was when Kate came downstairs for her photo shoot and said…”Know what keeps going through my head?  That I look fly as hell!”  Who DOESNT want to feel that way?!?

This story perfectly illustrates our Birthday Girl. She loves fashion, she loves pushing the envelope, she’s got amazing confidence and she knows her mind and she’s not afraid to share it.  This girl is my most teenagery teenager who disappears into her room almost as soon as she walks in the front door. But, if you engage her in conversation, you get to hear all these incredibly thoughtful deep insights about her friends, politics, school, even herself. I am often surprised about the insights she shares. She is so smart!  This girl is going places. She got plans and she can hardly wait to get there so watch out world!

Happy Birthday 15th Kate!