Jan 26, 2018

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Mini Me’s

A few years my girls started playing around with clay.  We are a pretty creative family so when the girls are bored we usually think up some sort of creative project and take a trip down to Michaels for supplies.  Jill and Ellie started making these little people.  They would boil down the characteristics to their favorite book/movie/tv characters to make simple silhouettes.

They have had so much fun and become experts at manipulating clay and making textures.  They are also so good at picking out the details that really make each little character.

Here are a few of their creations.  You can see the Harry Potter crew above.  (Please note the wings on Fred as he (spoiler alert) dies at the end of the books.

Doctor Who…

The Marvel Crew…

Ang and Korra from Avatar (the TV show, not the movie)

Here are the PT Barnum, Philip Carlyle and the Bearded Lady from The Greatest Showman.  (I’m sure Ellie will be making more because we are totally obsessed with this movie!)

These are the Dungeons and Dragons characters the girls made for themselves.  (Jill on the left, Ellie on the right)

For Christmas this year the girls made the Harrisons for Joelle as a gift.

Here are the mini people of the creators.  From left to right Jessica (Ellie’s best friend), Ellie, Colin (Jill’s best friend/boyfriend) and Jill.

Finally, here is Ellie’s display case.  Joelle found this this cute display box in her travels and gave it to Ellie who painted it a bright happy color.  She has to pick her favorites to go in this case because she has too many to fit!

If that whole college thing doesn’t work out maybe these two can open up an Etsy store and support us in their old age!