Sep 16, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Opposites Attract

Miss Haley is not a fan of being touched. She does not want a hug. She does not want to snuggle. And when I ask her to, gasp, touch her sister you can almost see her shudder. I find this funny only because I have two kids just like this! Avery, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to cuddle and climb all over her sister. So SHE was thrilled when I asked them to get super close together. (I’ve got one of those kids too!)

I think it’s fun to see these sisters interact. Love seeing them with their laid back parents Jon and Jennifer.

This family is the same family that built Diagon Alley in their driveway for Halloween. This project took on a life of it’s own and raised a lot of money and thrilled a lot of Potter heads all the way through Christmas. Diagon Alley has been moved to Camp Korey and now those kids are getting the thrill of seeing Jon’s vision!

Because this family is still into Harry Potter we finished our session with more Harry Potter silhouettes. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more. Jon or the girls?!? (And Jennifer was a very good sport!)

Here are my favorites. Note how these girls are EXACTLY where they want to be in this family picture. One with touching on her terms and one snuggled in tight. Ha!