Oct 22, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Remodeling Buddy

Back in the first part of this year Sari sold her house and started remodeling another just like we did. It was fun to see the things she was choosing for her house and it was nice to talk to somebody who understood all the nitty gritty that goes into a whole house remodel. Woo boy that’s a big job.

Soon after she moved in she had a house warming party to show off all her hard work. It sounds like her house was a big hit…but more than one friend pointed out that she needed updated pictures for her walls. (I wasn’t even paying them!) . I was happy to oblige!

Well that totally made sense because I think it has been at least five years since I have photographed these three. And now Charlie is going into middle school and Jake is in high school. This is a time of BIG changes in boys. So fun to see them all again!

Here are my favorites…