Oct 30, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Take 2

Julie had everything planned.  She’d picked her outfits, cleared her schedule and corralled her crew.  Just a few hours before our photoshoot poor Willie broke his finger.  So hard to plan for that!  The ever optimistic Julie was hoping that they would get of the emergency room in time for our photos but the more we talked it out the more it just made sense to make a full retreat.  Sometimes that’s the best option!

I’m honestly so glad we did.  Despite the fact that Julie had to do some Herculean juggling to fit this in between sports and trips and she had to do a total switch from summer to fall outfits, we did so well!  These guys will be going into my clothing guide when I redo it.  They are the PERFECT example of how to pull together outfits that coordinate but don’t MATCH!  So good.

The other great thing with this Take 2 is that we had the opportunity to have grandma in the picture too.  It just doesn’t get any better!  Here are my favorites…