Sep 11, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer | The Bronco

We moved Ellie into her dorm a few weeks ago but life has been so crazy since then this is the first chance I’ve had to blog about it. I’m glad I waited though because some exciting things have happened since we dropped her off!

Allen and Ellie drove 8 hours to Boise to bring all of Ellie’s gear. We used as many IKEA zipper bags as we needed because a) they are easy to squish in the car and b) they will fold down to nothing for the school year but keep everything clean over next summer when she puts it in storage for the summer. Those bags are the best!

Kate and I flew to Boise and got to the hotel just before Ellie and Allen rolled in. We had a fun time driving around campus and walking around downtown Boise for dinner and dessert. Good thing it’s a small downtown core because it was literally 107 degrees (according to the bank readerboard) while we were walking around. Sheesh! It’s also a good thing Ellie has air conditioning in her dorm!

The next morning we got there nice and early and hardly had a line. They have this whole thing down to a science so we pulled up, loaded up a big box on wheels and an awesome volunteer rolled it all up to Ellie’s room. This dorm is only a couple of years old and is REALLY nice. Ellie has her own room and shares a common space and bathroom with her roommate. Maddie is a lot like Ellie. A creative, introverted smarty pants!

We had a nice dinner with all of the honors families (sitting with Maddie’s parents) and then the two of them left us a 6:30 for three days of orientation and activities for honors kids. We never saw her again. That sounds evil but really, she was so busy that she didn’t have time to meet up with us again. She was really just fine!

The next day Allen and Kate left early for the drive home and I flew home on my own.

Since we left her she and her roommate have been busy with all of the honors activities, school starting and they organized a Cards Against Humanity game night.

Additionally Ellie also went through rush. That is no easy feat for an introvert! It was three days straight of talking to strangers and the stress of wondering if anybody will choose you. Being a sorority girl myself I do know that as weird as it is, the rush system usually works. It feels hard when you are dropped by houses that you thought you really had a connection with but I know plenty of girls that happened to (me being one of them) and we all ended up in the right place. As a Mom it’s hard to watch your kid go through that sort of thing but she was chosen by AOPi and now the real work for her begins. Now she can really take the time to meet the girls on a deeper level and make sure these are really her people. I’m excited for her!

Oh, and last Friday Ellie went to her first Broncos home football game. Blue field and all! A good football team was one of Ellie’s criteria in picking her college and so far the games have not disappointed. Ellie said she needs to find a more enthusiastic section to sit in though. Ellie is used to going to Husky games with Mr. Fun and I think he may have ruined her for any other crowd. He tends to be quite over the top in his enthusiasm for all things Husky!

This girl is off to a great start. We are so proud of how she is jumping into life on campus and can’t wait to see her again in mid October for parent’s weekend. Go Ellie!