Jun 5, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Blast from the Past

Jill went to prom on Saturday.  Part of going to prom is picking out a dress for the magical evening.  If you know Jill, though, you know that shopping is not her forte.  In fact, she HATES it with a passion.  When she described the kind of dress she was hoping to find (tea length, vintage) to her grandmother they knew just what she needed!  ‘You should go look in the closet at Grandma June’s dress!’  When Jill put that dress on we KNEW it was the one.  It fit her perfectly, was exactly what she was looking for, and (this is big)….SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO SHOP FOR IT!

This 85 year old dress was handmade for Allen’s Grandma June for HER prom and has been worn a few times throughout the generations to proms and formal events.  I can’t believe how perfect it is and what great shape the dress is in.  We added a strand of pearls from MY grandmother and she was representing greats on both sides!

Jill was also very excited about her footwear.  She always envisioned pairing a vintage dress with some fun Converse and she got her wish.  (She didn’t mind shopping for these!)

Jill was obviously not the only one picking out special outfits.  Laura and Rachel had beautiful full length gowns.  Also, check out the bowties on the guys.  Gotta love that they fit their personalities onto those little bits of silk!  (Colin had a periodic table bowtie and Henry had music notes all over his.)

The Fab Five left early for their dinner and dance, but before they hopped in the car together they allowed us to take a ridiculous amount of pictures.  That’s what you get when two of the moms are professional photographers.  I guess they are used to it by now!

Here are my favorites…

And one more in black and white to up the Vintage feel…


Here are a couple of picture Jill took during the evening.  They went to the Great Wheel after dinner where the light was magical and they were  serenaded by a brass band!

This week is going to be all about Jill as we count down to graduation.  Stay tuned!