Sep 23, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer | Thriftshop

I know I am sharing this today, but Jill and I actually went shopping a couple weeks ago when she was still at home. This girl is so practical that she would actually rather get rid of clothes than get new clothes. I just happend to hit her at a time when she needed a couple of things.

We picked up some great hiking pants (because…Bellingham) and some sandals for a family wedding she was going to with her boyfriend. Great deals so we were both happy. Contrary to how the picture above looks we were not at a Thriftshop. We just thought that coat looked like it should be in a Macklemore song!

(The picture of the two of us together was our attempt at a selfie showing Mt Si behind us while using our big old noggins to hide all the cars in the parking lot. I think we nailed it!)

Here are the answers to Jill’s questions:

What are you most looking forward to? Jill is a creature of habit so she is quite happy that she is still living in the same apartment she had last year. She is most looking forward to being back together with all of her friends again.

What are you most worried about? As is her nature, Jill is mostly worried about things five years in the future! If she had to pick something to worry about this year it is finding a job that will give her some experience towards some sort of career after she graduates. Even though she is just a junior it looks like this kid will graduate early so it’s a fair worry. At this point she has applications out to four different places. Fingers crossed she gets something she likes!