Jun 24, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Too Cool for School

Well we have finally made it to this point. The point where Ronan is too cool for me. Too cool to be the goofy little kid who would giggle. Fortunately he’s not too cool to let a natural smile or two slip out when I try out my dorkiest Mom jokes!

We met at Lewis Creek Park in early June for this session. Kelli suggested this park and I’d never been there. Not only was it a great park for pictures, but I totally enjoyed hiking through it with my pups while I was scouting spots! I love it when my clients bring me new picture places!

The other great thing Ronan is not too cool for is his sister. These two have always been the best little team. They are only 18 months apart in age and they have always been close. Here are my favorites of these two and some with the rest of the fun family too!