Dec 4, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Tree Farm 2017

How have I not posted these yet?  It’s a crazy time of year.  This year we were already at the Enebos for Thanksgiving so Joelle’s family and Colin’s family had to meet us there before the final trek out to the farm.  But we all made it there just fine!  (We even brought Wanda with us and that is a rare thing!)

We got lucky with the weather.  The forecast was for rain but it held off until just as we were leaving.  Yay!

Miss Poppy was so new to us this year (we’d only had her four days) that we didn’t know if we could have her off leash.  We decided to risk it because we KNEW she’d have fun…and we were right.  Aside from terrorizing some of the smaller dogs with her over enthusiastic ways, it was a blast to see her frolicking everywhere.

Another successful year at the tree farm.  Trees were found, stories were told and memories were made!

One more picture that we nave NEVER gotten before.  A Harrison/Enebo picture.  Thanks for suggesting and taking this Lynn!

PS – I did take family pictures of Joelle’s family but she might use it for her holiday card so I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  Sure hope you are on her list!