Jun 27, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ USA! USA!

Yesterday my Mom became a naturalized US Citizen. My Mom and Dad have been living in the states since before I was born…so about 50 years. Over the years they have had opinions about politics and such but they had no voice.

Many years ago my Dad passed the test but decided against becoming a citizen for tax reasons. The opposite is true for my Mom and now she is doing it especially for the taxes! She studied hard and passed her test with flying colors. Let me just say that WE could not answer many of her study questions. Yikes!

My Mom was surprised that so many of us came out to see her ceremony. What? Of course we would! Not only is it a neat part of our county’s foundation and process (and one that not everybody gets to partake in), but Lord knows how many games, and choir concerts and plays and EVENTS that Nana has happily showed up for for the rest of us. We were THRILLED that we got to show up for HER!

The ceremony was more light hearted than we thought it would be. By far our favorite parts the ‘Call of the Countries’. There were 38 countries represented and the potential (they hadn’t taken the oath yet) citizens stood up when their country was called. Good thing Canada was called out early or Nana would have been hidden by all of the taller candidates when they stood up. We didn’t actually get to see her holding her hand up to take the oath because she was smack dab in the middle. But we DID get to see her go on stage to get her certificate. (She didn’t love that picture so I’m not sharing it. Ha!)

In the grand scheme of things it really won’t change much, but it WILL be fun to watch her vote in her first presidential election along with her two oldest granddaughters!

Go Mom!