Feb 13, 2018

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Way Back

This girl and I go way back.  In fact, so far back that she wasn’t even a twinkle in her Dad’s eye when we met.  Mr. Fun and I graduated from college with Jeff (Dad), loved attending her parent’s wedding (Hi Jess!) and have watched Brenna grow every step of the way.

I started my business by photographing Miss Brenna and her Play Group and I have loved watching this thoughtful, generous girl grow into such a lovely woman!

We had a great time catching up in the car on the way to Pioneer Square.  I love that Brenna had some very specific ideas of what she wanted so we planned it out together. She is a big book lover so, of course, we needed some pictures at a book store.  She wanted to do urban instead of flowing field pictures.  Check!  Brenna also brought along some special things that mean a lot to her so we fit them into pictures too.  (Check out her pride flag and one of her favorite books!)

During our photo session she asked ‘Will I get my own blog post?’  Apparently she enjoys following this blog and wanted to see her own pictures here too!  Of course you can kid!  I’m happy to share how beautiful you are inside and out!

Here are my favorites…