Nov 20, 2018

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Wrestlemania

I have three girls so wrestling was never a thing at my house.  Laurie has two boys and CLEARLY it is a part of her life.  Ha!  Chris and Graham just could not help themselves.  If they were near each other then wrestling was going to happen.  (Much to Laurie’s chagrin because there was a real worry about somebody ending up on the ground which was totally saturated and muddy!)  It’s really a sign of affection and I loved seeing it.  Hands down I would much rather see boys wrestling than have to arm wrestle them myself into sitting next to their sibling or…HORROR…touching them!

They also brought along their pup Harley and she was such a good pup!  I love it when we can get them in a picture or two because dogs are part of the family!

Here are my favorites from this session….