Sep 9, 2019

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ California Dreaming

When Conner told me all about the schools he was looking at applying to a pattern quickly emerged. They are all in California! He said that that was intentional because he loves it so much down there and all of his extended family lives down there. He’s a big fan of engineering and sunshine. Well! That’s a good place to go for both!

I first met his mom 15 years ago but I really had not met the rest of the family. I loved meeting them all and particularly loved seeing how close they are. So close, in fact, that they all wanted to make sure they got pictures taken in all sorts of combinations. Brian was the one leading that charge. I really like it when the Dad’s are so involved in the photo session. This is fun for everybody and once you have me lets get all of the pictures you want!

Conner is another member of the Cross Country and Track team. Apparently I’m have a run on them them too! (Sorry for the Mom joke.) He wanted to have a few pictures taken on the track, but for HIS silhouette he wanted to focus on TaeKwondo because he is a black belt and he an instructor. He told me he loves that job because he remembers when he was little and he had teenage instructors too. So cool to see that cycle!

Here are my favorites from his session…

And here are just a few from the family pictures!