Aug 2, 2019

Seattle Senior Photographer | Fun.

I know Ryan’s mom (Hi Tami!) and I photographed his brother’s senior photos but I’d never met Ryan. We started by taking pictures of him and his car (Ryan and his brother and Dad are huge car fanatics!) and he was somewhat serious about it because we were asking him to drive his beautiful car on some pretty uneven terrain. (Come on! We wanted a nice background.) I figured the whole session would be a bit like this but I was totally wrong. What a goof ball! One of the first things Ryan asked me to photograph him with was the dog poop station. And then he wanted to mimic the pedestrian crossing sign. And then he wanted a picture of him full on lounging on a log. I love all of this! I am all about the fun and the laughing pictures so I was thrilled.

And then we got to the family pictures at the end of the session. Did Ryan suddenly get serious? Nope! Turns out the rest of his family can be pretty goofy too! Normally I am doing a little happy dance if I can get one great picture of a family interacting. (It’s hard to get that naturally.) . I had so many to choose from with this family! Apparently goofing around runs in the family. I also love the good natured ribbing they all give to each other. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like some gentle teasing!

It seriously was hard for me to only pick these ones to show you on the blog. These are just SOME of my favorites!