Apr 2, 2019

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Game On

Since this is Ellie’s senior year she and her good friend Jessica decided that they wanted to go to as many dances as possible.  This is the first Tolo  dance any of my girls have gone to.  Tolo dances, for those who don’t know, are where the girl asks the boy to the dance.  It usually has a fun theme and is much more casual than Homecoming or Prom.

Jessica was instrumental in organizing a whole crew to go together.  Most of thee guys and gals know each other from church so, while Ellie had quite a bit of anxiety over actually asking a boy to the dance, she already knew he was going to say yes.  Ha!

All of the girls got together and decided that their take on the ‘Game On’ theme would be to have everybody dress up in Apples to Apples t-shirts.  The girls would each pick a word that describes themselves and be the green cards.  The boys would pick a phrase or word that would compliment that word in a fun way.

Ellie picked the word ‘Serious’ to describe herself.  (Although if you know her I think you know that is not the first thing you would say about her!)  When her date head that he asked if he could be ‘Black’.  Meaning their phrase would be ‘Serious Black’.  This is the amazing part of this suggestion from her date.  He didn’t know that she was a HUGE Harry Potter fan!  Really!!  (Serious Black is a Harry Potter Character.)  Not only that, but when I suggested that we had to take pictures with  wands he produced and actual Serious Black wand.  REALLY!!

It was so much fun taking pictures of this group because they all really got into the themed pictures.  A big thanks for all their enthusiasm!

‘Serious Black’

‘Lucky Charms’

‘Short Life’

‘Awkward Blind Date’

‘Ready Player One’