Sep 30, 2019

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ I’m Impressed

It is rare to have a high school senior contact me directly. Normally it is a parent emailing to set up a session for their family and senior. In this case, Drew heard about me from one of my other seniors (thanks Natalie!) and contacted me directly. Interesting!

He was super responsive. I sent him all my information and right away he said he’d like to book his session. I sent him the invoice and he paid his invoice within an hour of me sending it. That rarely happens in my world because I know life gets busy. He was motivated!

I ALWAYS get to my sessions way early. I don’t like surprises so I show up early just in case there are any changes…even if I have shot pictures there tons of times! I arrived at his session 20 minutes early, checked out the park and texted him to know what my car looks like. He texted me right back and said he was already in the park! WHAT?!? He beat me there?!? I loved him instantly. He showed up with all of his clothes pressed and saxophones in hand. He really knew his way in to a photographer’s heart. And my impression just got better and better the more time I spent with him.

Drew has his act together! The reason why he couldn’t get his senior pictures done earlier is because he was gone for most of August doing mission work. Wow! He would really like to follow in his Dad’s footsteps and go to a small college in the South East for his undergrad and then go to medical school. I have no doubt Drew has big things in store for his future and NOTHING is going to stop him!

Here are my favorite pictures from his session…