Jun 3, 2019

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Prom 2019

Ellie’s prom was last weekend and boy did it ever take a lot of turns before we got there. Originally the plan was for her to go to prom with her bestie Jessica. They had such a good time together at Tolo that they decided to forgo a big group and do things just how they wanted them.

Somehow they ended up going in a group of 14! That’s a long way from the original plan, and there were plenty of times she was not sure what was going to happen, but it ended up great!

This group got a limo to pick them up at the high school and take them downtown to the Amazon Spheres for pictures. Since their group was so big I had to just photograph them outside but that’s okay because the light and location worked really well!

Next up was dinner at an italian restaurant. Originally Ellie and Jessica had chosen The Cheesecake Factory and they were looking forward to that. When the rest of the group joined in they decided they should ‘shoot higher’ and go to a nicer restaurant. Turns out most of them ordered burgers or pizza anyway. Ha!

The dance was at MoPOP (The Museum of Popular Culture). The neat thing about that location is that they got to enjoy all the exhibits on top of the dance. Good thing because I guess the DJ wasn’t great at getting people out on the dance floor!

Finally the limo brought them back to the high school where everybody got back into their cars and caravanned to one girl’s house for an after party where they played games and ate a LOT of dessert!

Have we talked about Ellie’s date? Hayden works with Ellie at Nothing Bundt Cakes. She was planning on going on her own but she happily invited him along when his own prom plans (he goes to a different school) fell through with a break up. It worked out so well because he was an easy date. Even though he didn’t know anybody but Ellie in this group he got along great and even stayed longer than Ellie at the after party! That was the first time Allen and I had met him and he seemed like a really nice guy.

The only thing that DID go according to Ellie’s plan? Her outfit! This girl had a plan for a jumpsuit from the start and she sure did pull it off! The shoes, the jumpsuit, the jewelry were all perfection! (Oh, and did I mention that Kate did her makeup? She had to do it way early before she went to work but she did an awesome job. Way better than we could have done!)

All in all it was a great and memorable night!