Sep 11, 2017

Suncadia Family Photographer ~ Smile for the Birdie

Smile for the birdie.  It’s a phrase I’ve heard photographers use with kids when they are taking their pictures.  I have no idea the meaning behind it!  But I definitely understand why Cole would want to smile for the birdie.  He’s a golfer and if he’s gotten a birdie on a hole then he has made an amazing shot!

I met Cole up in Suncadia for his senior pictures because he is a huge golfer and has had a lot of fun times up in Suncadia.  Love that it is close enough to go up just for the evening!  I’ve never photographed a golfer before so Cole and I had a fun time coming up with different creative ideas.  I LOVE it when my clients get creative with me!

Here are my favorites…


And of course I photographed his awesome family too!  Peggy and I first met back when Cole was just in first grade (And Sammy was 2!).  I’m so honored they picked me to capture these memories for them!