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Jan 18, 2018

Happy Birthday to this girl!  Jill is having a great year so far up at Western.  She has found a great church group, she joins in on game night, has a crew she works out with regularly, and another crew for movie nights and weekend fun.  She even has some roommates across the hall that […]

Jan 4, 2018

Just after Christmas I saw one of my favorite families.  They had just welcomed sweet baby Charlotte into the world and they wanted some newborn pictures of her.  Caroline joked that Caroline looks so much like her older sister Elina that they could have just put up some of HER newborn pictures.  Ha!  They really […]

Dec 31, 2017

This year we hosted Christmas at our house.  As lovely as Poppy is, she is mostly a toddler and we didn’t feel like we could bring our two dogs over to somebody else’s house.  Adding puppy crazy to Christmas crazy is a lot to ask! The plan was to have Joelle and her crew spend […]

Dec 23, 2017

Happy Holidays from the Enebos!  This year’s card was a nod to our nerdiness.  We had a great time coming up with science puns and we have heard from our favorite STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) teachers that it was a big hit.  And yes…those are all REAL elements! Our new pup Poppy was […]

Dec 20, 2017

A few years ago I photographed Mark’s extended family.  (His parents, brother, kids, etc.)  This year it was Carolyn’s turn.  I really enjoy sessions like this.  I love seeing grandparents and grandkids and siblings (big and small) and cousins all come together.  We even got to photograph Annie, a brand new puppy!  I did have […]

Dec 20, 2017

Way back in 2000 Leigh and I were good friends and neighbors.  We liked to do all sorts of things together and, apparently, that extended to having babies.  She had Miles and Beck in October 2000, and I had Ellie in February 2001.  At that time I was really starting to get into photography.  I […]