I think Ellie was born in the wrong era.  She loves all things vintage and she has such a distinctive style.  She had been looking at these adorable teal heels for months just waiting for an excuse to get them.  Every year the girls get a new birthday outfit that is usually much more casual, […]

We had Ellie’s birthday party last night and it was the bees knees!  This girl loves all things vintage (wait until you see her birthday outfit later this week) so this was an easy party to plan.  The hardest part was finding a night when all her friends could make it so that is why […]

I am always whistling a tune.  (Literally.  This is something my Dad always did too.)  It tends to drive my family crazy but I just can’t help it.  Songs are always running through my head. The one that keeps running through my head right now is I Wanna Get Better by The Bleachers.  I really […]

It’s time for my annual February Photo Challenge. Time to reawaken your creativity and start honing your photography skills! Use nice lighting, try different angles and don’t make the obvious choices. If you would like to share your pictures feel free to tag me on Facebook or Instagram. I love seeing what you all come […]

Looking for something fun to do over Mid Winter Break? Come on up to Suncadia! After having a fun photo session with me in the snow you can spend the rest of the day ice skating, sledding or making snow angels. Suncadia is just an hour east of Issaquah so it’s close enough to go […]

I have had my studio for more than three years.  How is it that I haven’t photographed my sister Joelle and her crew there?!?  I think the problem is that we haven’t really made time to do a formal family session in forever.  It was about time! Henry doesn’t actually run away from me anymore. […]






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