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It feels like I’ve known these boys for forever…if 8 years is forever!  It’s been fun to watch them grow up and, gulp, become neat adults.  Okay, let’s not hurry things along too much.  While Jake might be in college, Josh is still only in 8th grade. Jake is a runner in college and is […]

Kate turned 13 this year and that is a big deal.  That is the year of the hotel excursion.  Kate had other plans though.  The hotel room seriously limits the number of friends you can invite to your party and our girl wanted to surround herself with fun.  She decided that she was willing to […]

Today is Kate’s birthday.  This girl is now officially a teenager.  Oh my! This girl always has big plans and even bigger ways of accomplishing them.  This girl loves her friends.  This girl does her make up way better than the rest of us.  This girl is not afraid of trying anything…at least once.  This […]

A couple of weeks ago I met Catherine on a glorious sunny day.  She is a college counselor with Collegeology and she needed some updated pictures of herself.  Given that she counsels kids on their college choices I thought that meeting on the University of Washington campus would be the perfect backdrop! Catherine was even nice […]

I think Ellie was born in the wrong era.  She loves all things vintage and she has such a distinctive style.  She had been looking at these adorable teal heels for months just waiting for an excuse to get them.  Every year the girls get a new birthday outfit that is usually much more casual, […]






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