Eighteen.  Eighteen?  How is it that my baby is 18 now?  How is it that I’ve been a Mom for 18 years?  This kid has turned into an amazing human.  (I’m not going to say adult yet because I just can’t go there.) She is always putting others first, is a tireless volunteer, does homework […]

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression ~ Will Rodgers So much of ourselves is online these days so it’s important to have a great picture to represent you.  Whether you need it for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or your website, this is the perfect opportunity to update your digital profile […]

My girls are very good about having their pictures taken.  They often even come up with ideas for their own photo shoots!  Sometimes, though, it takes more effort to pull together and extra effort just to get out there and take the pictures.  That’s when I have to pull out the ‘Just for Mama!’ phrase. […]

  For our second Christmas of the year,  the Jackson side of the family (mine) all met up in Suncadia for some Winter Wonderland fun.  The first thing the kids did was hop into their snow clothes to roll around in the snow. Before dinner we had another round of presents.  Of course we all […]

Every year we are lucky enough to have two Christmases.  We have two families who we love to spend time with and we don’t want to miss out on any time with them so we decided before we were even married that we would not be traveling between families on Christmas Day.  (Or Thanksgiving for that […]

Last week Kate got her ears pierced.  Getting your ears pierced is a rite of passage I this family.  So there was no known date for ear piercing to happen.  We just had to patiently wait.  Boy was that hard for Kate so hard that as soon as the big moment happened she wanted to […]






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