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Jul 26, 2019

This is just the start of my busy season and I will be spending a lot of time at my desk until the end of the year. Good thing they have finished the basement enough that I could move Mr. Fun out of my space. Not only is he loud but his bobble heads ruin […]

Jul 22, 2019

Ha! Some of you will get the reference in my blog title. Just couldn’t resist. I have not forgotten about sharing the rest of the house! I just have to wait until we get little details finished. Today I’m sharing the Master bedroom and bath. These rooms, by far, had the most mold. I tested […]

Jun 27, 2019

Yesterday my Mom became a naturalized US Citizen. My Mom and Dad have been living in the states since before I was born…so about 50 years. Over the years they have had opinions about politics and such but they had no voice. Many years ago my Dad passed the test but decided against becoming a […]

Jun 26, 2019

Ok, now that graduation crazy is done I can come back to working on the house. The basement is still not done yet which means the garage is still packed to the gills and Allen is still sharing my office. So we still can’t find our stuff and we are working on top of each […]

Jun 24, 2019

Well we have finally made it to this point. The point where Ronan is too cool for me. Too cool to be the goofy little kid who would giggle. Fortunately he’s not too cool to let a natural smile or two slip out when I try out my dorkiest Mom jokes! We met at Lewis […]

Jun 17, 2019

What a great week for this kid! Farewells and graduation and parties, oh my. Graduation was Thursday night and the weather was just right. Our district holds graduation at T-Mobile park (the baseball stadium) and they rotate graduates and parents through for the graduation ceremonies for all three high schools in the district. Our graduation […]