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I have never met Danny before I did his session so I’m really happy that his Mom told me a bit about him as Danny is a bit on the quiet side. My first questions were all about being a Drum Major.  Do they make sure you have rhythm before they give you the job?  […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Danny

I have not seen Riley in years.  We used to go to church together but then the pandemic hit and we haven’t been back much in person.  I’ve also photographed his family in the past…but again…it had been awahile. Not only is this kid HUGE now but super charming and cerebral.   Riley is a […]

Issaquah Senior Photographer ~ Riley

Chase is a middle kid. Which generally means he is the Switzerland of family members. He can play all sides and get along with everybody because he’s really easy going. It also means there is potential for him to ‘get it’ from all sides. Julie warned me that brothers being brothers means Chase’s brothers give […]

Issaquah Senior Photographer ~ Chase

Wrangling your family for family photos is no easy feat.  Trying to get your crew in one place at the same time can be the hardest part.  Kristen was balancing family vacations, kids going off to college, work presentations, unenthusiastic participants and six outfits that needed to be coordinated. But she SUCCEEDED!  And somehow Mother […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Family Wrangler

In 1994 Allen and I drove out to Pullman for the Apple Cup.  It became known as ‘The Snow Bowl’ because it was dumping snow during the game and we vowed we would not go back to Pullman because it was a TERRIBLE game…for the Huskies.  Kate, being the rebel that she is, made us […]

Issaquah Senior Photographer ~ The Rebel

Grace was not sure she wanted a whole senior photo session. Her mom, Sarah, and I had to work really hard to find a place that would work for our reluctant subject. Luther Burbank Park is the perfect place. Normally with my seniors I have them follow me all over the place with quick stops […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Grace