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This blog post is coming to you from three different people. Enjoy the perspectives! Ellie – In my short, 39 hours in Las Vegas, I concluded that I have absolutely no desire to go back.  In my family (and everywhere else) I am the one that is known for going to bed at an oddly […]

May the Best Team Win

I had such a good time going through all of these pictures. It isn’t often that you return to the same place year after year so it really is a great way to see how our family has changed over the years. I’m also happy to see that my photographic skills have improved through the […]

Best of the Tree Farm 2013-2019

Dean and Wanda have been farming trees since 1975. They originally invested in this land so they could farm trees as an investment. They considered it the college saving plan for their kids. 45 years later they have had both of their kids go through college, they have sold thousands of trees, they have used […]

The Tree Patch 1999-2012

I love to decorate. I think it’s the creative in me that loves the artistry in it. I’m not just talking about Christmas decorating either. So I’ve had a banner year because I’ve had plenty to decorate with the new house! In the past few years I’ve really scaled back on many of my holiday […]

Deck the Halls

It’s not fair. Kristi didn’t even know the exact location for our photo shoot. We actually met at a TOTALLY different park but changed our minds when we saw the lighting conditions. We called an audible and ended up in this spot. How is it that her outfits are perfectly styled for this location? All […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Green with Envy

Oh Dawgs….such a disappointing season. We had such high expectations and you let us down! Do you know how hard it is to come up with a picture that says ‘mediocre’ but in a funny way? Yeah, not easy! Thank you ATT for your ad campaign. It helped immensely! We also included a picture of […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Not Okay