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Nov 28, 2018

I love it when my little clients greet me with their lovey’s.  My kids all had them and I miss the times when all it took was a hug of their lovey to put a contented smile on their faces.  Jack’s lovey was a cute little monkey…who apparently had an owie because he had a […]

Nov 20, 2018

I have three girls so wrestling was never a thing at my house.  Laurie has two boys and CLEARLY it is a part of her life.  Ha!  Chris and Graham just could not help themselves.  If they were near each other then wrestling was going to happen.  (Much to Laurie’s chagrin because there was a […]

Nov 16, 2018

Finally!  Alice had a session scheduled for her crew in late August but it was one of the few days it rained so we rescheduled for September.  In September…wouldn’t you know it…but it rained on that day too.  Seriously?!?  Finally we were able to get our session done in October.  Who would have thought that […]

Nov 14, 2018

This is Archie.  He’s a bit of a nervous nelly when he isn’t right next to his ‘person’  (Mandy) so when he started making this face I wasn’t sure if I should start laughing or start running.  Apparently this is how he smiles.  Too funny!  Mandy and Don adopted a new pup since we took […]

Oct 31, 2018

This is my clockwork family.  I am so happy that I get to see them every year in June and November.  I’ve been capturing these kids since before Ronan was born and this year he will be 10.  TEN!  They come to celebrate their birthdays and this month it is Ronan’s turn. Pioneer Square was […]

Oct 29, 2018

I am Facebook friends with Christy and I love seeing the pictures she has been posting of Nick.  In particular the first day of school pictures she posted from last year and this year.  What a HUGE difference. I’ve always been amazed at how much middle schoolers change…particularly boys.  They go from having round boy […]