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This is one busy family. It took us a couple tries to get a photo session scheduled and when Sarah explained how many teams her boys are on my jaw dropped. SIX! They literally use a spreadsheet to keep track of where everybody needs to be on the weekends. They are super close to having […]

Bellevue Family Photographer ~ BUSY!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Cole to do his senior pictures.  I’ve taken his pictures a few times over the years, starting in elementary school, so it was great to see him again. He’s really grown into a neat guy.  He is VERY into film making so that is his […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Cole

I have been taking pictures for more than 21 years and I have gotten to the point where I’ve used MANY locations around the Sound.  I do have my favorites though, as all photographers do!  One thing I do EVERY time, though, is I show up early and walk or drive my route.  Just to […]

Bellevue Senior Photographer ~ Henry

When Jill and Colin told us what they wanted to do for their wedding ceremony we were all in!  It was so intimate, and creative and THEM!  But we did have to check in with them.  Since they are the first ‘kids’ to get married amongst all of our friends we knew we would have […]

Jill and Colin Get Hitched – The Reception

What a month!  I thought I’d share the story of Jill’s wedding now before we forget all the details!  Weddings ALWAYS have a story behind them.  Often not what was planned but unique and lovey anyways…and Jill and Colin’s was no different! Leading up to the wedding Jill and Colin had some lovely showers thrown […]

Jill and Colin Get Hitched – The Ceremony

We were really threading the needle with this session. Justin is now living in Southern California and he was only home for two weeks. Just so happens that they were the two weeks where Jill was getting married and having her reception. Not only that, but the week we actually had the session had rain […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Buckner Family