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Normally I write my senior blog posts about my senior subject (Hi James!) but this time I just have to write it about his mom, Angie. Angie were good friends in high school (too many years ago to mention…so don’t ask!). And we both went to the University of Washington and went through rush together. […]

Mercer Island Senior Photographer ~ James

In all my years doing senior photography I can count on one hand how many seniors actually set up the photo shoot themselves.  Cate is one of those unicorns!  By high school I usually have my girls set up their own appointments and take care of things for themselves.  It means that by the time […]

Bellevue Senior Photographer ~ Cate

This girl is thrifty!  She loves the hunt through thrift shops and bought most of her outfits at our local thrift shop.  She did so well! Miss Lelia has been playing the violin since she was three and plans to continue to study it in college as a minor while she works towards a degree […]

Issaquah Senior Photographer ~ Lelia

I have known these girls since they were in kindergarten.  And I have taken their pictures almost as long!  It was such an honor to meet them up in Suncadia for their senior session.  (Does it seem like I am strong arming people into meeting me up there?  I’m not!  They are requesting that spot…honest!!) […]

Suncadia Senior Photographer ~ Liz and Katie

I love it when I get some advance info about my seniors.  Everett’s Mom, Karen, told me all sorts of lovely things about her senior.  He loves to play the guitar, he swims and he’s a life guard, he loves to ride mountain bikes and he is a cross country runner.  Holy cow that’s a […]

Mercer Island Senior Photographer ~ Everett

Hi – My name is Michelle and I’m a horrible overshooter.  Memory is cheap so I tend to shoot a LOT of pictures.  For Stefanos I literally took more than 700 pictures.  It’s a good thing I am good at culling down the pictures or my poor clients would be totally overwhelmed! My favorite way […]

Issaquah Senior Photographer ~ Stefanos